Chinese Artists Find Intellectual, but not Economic, Freedom in America

By Evelyn Cheng The large canvas painting depicts an impressive, but chipped, ornate marble colonnade singed by fire. Standing as a solemn reminder of the ravages of war, the painting freezes a dismal memory of the Chinese Qing Dynasty’s magnificent palace. But the luminous pigeons scattered about the top of the colonnade bring life. To … Continue reading


NYC Upper West Side Streets Renaissance Celebrates National Bike Month

National Bike Month celebrates how biking has grown as a popular means of transportation in the city. By Reporter Evelyn Cheng MANHATTAN — The ride for bikers of tomorrow just got a little smoother. Recent initiatives by Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation have led to the construction of 250 miles of bike lanes since … Continue reading


New York University Encourages Sustainability with Bike Share Program

NYU’s bike share program has affected not only the university campus but also the city. By Evelyn Cheng, News writer As cities around the world find biking an environmentally friendly means of transportation, students at New York University have taken the initiative in New York City with NYU Bike Share. The program, which began last July, … Continue reading