Faith for Tomorrow

The holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, are over. While most students return to school tomorrow, college kids are left to while away another three weeks. We can work, we can study, we can travel, and we can relax. On this break each of us is anxious to get on with life — whatever that means. … Continue reading


Goodbye, Summer

It’s one of those holidays on which you don’t remember those whom you’re supposed to, but you celebrate with picnics and barbecues anyway. In honor of the blue-collar working class, Labor Day brings our lazy summer days to an end. Relaxation is indeed over. School for most New Yorkers begins tomorrow, September 7th. The heat … Continue reading


An Invisible Force

Shaky internet connection at home has made me realize how much we actually depend on it. Many things we want to do get postponed because “there’s no internet.” We want to research every detail online before we go somewhere; we need the internet for doing homework. More importantly, we need the internet for communicating with … Continue reading