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时间有限 Time is Limited

时间有限 摸摸地, 悄悄滴, 一件事突然发生. 今天下午上班时收到一位牧师过世的消息. 很震惊, 因为上周末他刚来我们第二届美东灵粮特会讲道, 也带着他太太和小女儿过来参加. 去年在北京时我收到朋友的私信, 请我为一位我们很崇拜的先知祷告, 因为他得了癌症. 过了不久他也上天堂了. 很奇怪的感觉, 从小一直听到这位牧师的名字, 知道他在亲朋好友的生命中有很大的影响, 自己也还没来得及请求先知为我祷告, 就这样离开了. 特会的牧者也一样, 一直没好机会好好打个招呼, 但是意识到他对家人,尤其女儿的关爱. 真是不可思议. 本来想有的长时间就一瞬间消失了, 提醒我们, 时间是最宝贵的. 你的时间怎么用的? 昨晚在微博上看到一直特立独行的猫 ( 赵星) 七月十五号有新书要上市, 名字是很恰当的 “不要让未来的你讨厌现在的你.” 我很吃惊, 因为她去年这个时候也出了一本书. 那就是说, 在我念大学的四年, 她写了三本书. 我拿了一个本科生, 她书架出现三本书, 而且每一本比前一本更专业行. (查看我对第二本的评论) 很难想象, 第一本从她二十四岁的台湾旅程开始的.赵星也不仅写书, 她同时也些好多博客, 看好多书, 上班.锻炼身体,学新的功能. 在她匆匆忙忙的生活里能做出那么多, 我们为什么也不能那样利用时间? 年轻时不要想还有很多时间. 末日就在很近的未来. 因为明天的事我们无法掌握, 所以我今天会多打几个招呼, 多感谢关心我的人, 多请求神的带领, 多为生活努力. 机会, 是有限. … Continue reading


Us 90s Kids

In America we’ve given each definable generation a fancy name like “Baby Boomers” or Generation X. In China they just say “80 hou” or “90 hou,” which literally means the “post-80s” or “post-90s” generation. Many have commented on the defining characteristics of each generation, especially when the first of the 90s generation graduated from college … Continue reading


A Passing Season

Like a butterfly half-emerged from its chrysalis the spring crowd looks towards summer as the people don a motley assortment of down coats, peacoats, T-shirts, and tanktops. Summer, an idea not quite materialized, is just beyond our reach as we push past the last week of classes to finals. Then another school year will be … Continue reading


Fleeting Time

When are you old? Age is something that grows on you. Like 黃介文‘s mother said, we need to grow old slowly. Yet time is moving too fast. My mind will never again be pleasantly oblivious to the world and its complications. I cannot lose myself in a book, in my thoughts, or in some imaginary … Continue reading

What I'm Reading

Reliving Youth

Youth is a stage of life everyone goes through, even the most renowned writers. Surprisingly, their days of longing for freedom differ little from that of today’s young people. In “The Years of Wonder” E.B. White writes how, as a recent college graduate, he takes a journey of self-discovery from New England across America to … Continue reading



Sometimes you want to be young again. You want to be without a care in the world. And you wish you were back in grade school, or even middle school, when your GPA didn’t matter so much, when you could enjoy learning for the sake of learning, when the future was vague and wonderful. And … Continue reading