Considering Personal Identity

Who are we? Do we live by our values or our inner, often baser nature? Dr. Joshua Knobe explores what forms personal identity in the lastest article of the recently resurrected New York Times philosophical column “The Stone,” entitled “In Search of the True Self.” Knobe says that the philosophical tradition has held that a … Continue reading

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Dying Columns

The New York Times is once again closing two more of its columns: “The Ethicist” (obviously covering ethical issues) and “The Medium” (a column on the effects of digitization on society). After “The Stone” and “The Minimalist” closed a month ago, I’m wondering if these successive deaths are telling us something about modern readers. Perhaps … Continue reading

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John Moe’s article in the New York Times Magazine opens with his fear of bullies his daughter will face. We all think we know them, those “mean” girls who form cliques and don’t let anyone else in. But in his article Moe shifts abruptly from his apprehension for “mean” girls to a cheery description of … Continue reading


Monopoly Live

When was the last time a really successful board game came out? It seems that we are all still playing the same board games as our parents were when they were children. Board games have not been revitalized because less people are playing them. Instead, children today are more likely playing video or computer games … Continue reading


Life Achievements

If American high schoolers thought competing against thousands of students in their own country to get into college was challenging enough, they are now up against an even greater application pool. The New York Times writes how students in China are increasingly seeking the opportunity to attend college in America. Some have even designed colorful … Continue reading

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It’s ‘Me’ Again

What’s next in society’s efforts to justify selfishness? In commemoration of the new year, the New York Times is running a series of articles under the heading “A Sustainable Life: The Week in Review’s guide to a healthier, happier 2011.” Apparently a healthier, happier marriage is most desired, for “The Happy Marriage is the ‘Me’ … Continue reading