Finding Home

In my last post I said that Chinese don’t know how to live. This article, 回家的路太遠 (The Road Home is Too Far) by 柯文哲, expresses the frustration many children have with their over-protective, controlling parents. Although 柯文哲 appears quite successful — at 35 he was appointed the youngest director of National Taiwan University’s intensive surgical care unit … Continue reading


All Things Chocolate

This summer the National Taiwan Science Center in Taipei is hosting an exhibition of chocolate art. The “chocolate gallery” featured some impressive sculptures, thereby demonstrating the versatility of chocolate. Although admission is only $6 US, nearly half of the exhibition consists of displays on the zodiac and chocolate companies from around the world. Neither is … Continue reading


Surprise in Kaohsiung

Our team of eleven was rather apprehensive when we heard we had been assigned to teach English in this remote community in Kaohsiung county. More disconcerting was the uncertain living conditions. We were all to sleep on the church benches, and there was no way to shower or cook food. It would be a test … Continue reading

Music / Travel

The Essence of a City

New York may be known for its skyscrapers, but what makes other cities great? This past Tuesday 黃介文 interviewed a pop singer/composer who grew up in Taiwan but now lives in mainland China. What, 介文, asked him, has changed about Taiwan since your last visit? Actually, he said, nothing much. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and New York … Continue reading