The Promises of God

Christianity often resembles a myriad of regulations, a constraining system of do’s and don’ts. Churches appear to be only for “righteous people,” and outsiders are shunned at the door. But we are all sinners, and thus require God’s salvation. Once saved, we are obligated to follow God’s Word, but God is also obligated to keep … Continue reading


Traveling on the MTA

This morning there was an injury at 90th Street. But we, rushing into the Main Street station, could care less – except that the injury delayed our train for nearly half an hour. The voices on the loudspeakers repeatedly informed us about the cause of the delay, and added that only local service would be … Continue reading


Easter Thoughts

In the weeks leading up to Easter, the stores are filled with advertisements for spring Easter dresses. So we contemplate wearing this or that dress, until, when the day comes around, it’s dark, gloomy, cloudy, and downright cold. But this year the weather was beautiful, making it the nicest Easter Sunday we’ve had in many … Continue reading