Monday lights

Monday lights

Mist hovers in Times Square tonight and dampens the crowd. A few handfuls of people mill around Taste of Times Square and hold styrofoam plates of ribs, while the surrounding area is easily passable for once. Theaters on the sidestreets enjoy their day of rest. To walk through the center of the city in business dress … Continue reading


To be Native

Regardless of where you live now, have lived, or will live, you had a birthplace and a place of upbringing. You are a native of that place. To say you are a native of some place brings a sense of belonging, if not pride. Even if the town you came from is small, it is … Continue reading


Dragon Boat Racing in August

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival kicked off at Flushing Meadows Lake on Saturday, August 13, with heated dragon boat races, live performances, free gifts and food. Although a Chinese festival, the event highlighted the beauty of New York as people of all backgrounds enjoyed the event, even dragon boating itself. Here are some pictures … Continue reading

Music / Travel

The Essence of a City

New York may be known for its skyscrapers, but what makes other cities great? This past Tuesday 黃介文 interviewed a pop singer/composer who grew up in Taiwan but now lives in mainland China. What, 介文, asked him, has changed about Taiwan since your last visit? Actually, he said, nothing much. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and New York … Continue reading

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New York: The City

There are three things, says Joel Kotkin, that make a city great: sacredness of place, security, and commerce. And New York has all three. Commerce When Manhattan Island was colonized by the Dutch in 1625, traders immediately saw the island’s deep harbor and natural pier as ideal for trade. Today thousands engage in a lively … Continue reading