Old City

I can hardly believe that I’m in Italy. Florence still seems a mystic place even though I’m here. The town is drab, wet, and tired. Luxury brands are juxtaposed with ornate Renaissance churches and statutes. The place is caughtup in itself; too long looking back at former glories. Designer brands may help, but they prove … Continue reading


Just the City

One of the downsides of being a student in New York City is that the area of the city around your school somehow loses its metropolitan charm. After the first few days you lose your awe of being in NEW YORK CITY and find yourself rushing around with your mind on classes, friends, transportation, and … Continue reading


Living There

After writing about New York City for so long I was actually able to live in Manhattan for three days. It’s actually not much different than living at home, except that when you wake up and get on the streets there’s this glorious feeling of being at the heart of civilization. As the cool morning … Continue reading