NYU Shanghai / Thoughts

Welcome to Shanghai

As part of a scholarship program for NYU’s study abroad program I will be posting regularly about my experiences in Shanghai. In addition to fulfilling requirements, this blog will help me to formulate my thoughts on Shanghai, China, and my study abroad experience. Most importantly, I hope that this semester I will be able to understand … Continue reading


Too Young?

Whispers of “too young” and “too old” confuse the brain. Am I, at 19,  really old enough? From elementary to high school I was “too old.” I considered myself mature and a responsible person. Yet I was still too young, unable to drive, sign my own documents, and travel without a guardian. Then I entered college, … Continue reading


The Chrysalis

If human life is like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, we are now being molded in the chrysalis. Using this imagery from Pastor Yuan Zhiming, the pain behind the unending struggle towards maturity is now explained. When we were young, we lived in the innocent bliss of the caterpillar. We crawled on the ground, ate … Continue reading


The Family at Home

From childhood we wanted to be independent. We wanted to manage our own lives,  sleep when we wanted, eat when and what we wanted, and do whatever we wanted. We wanted to have our own say and be respected as individuals. But what we didn’t realize was that our identity is entwined with our families. … Continue reading


Growing Up

When do we become adults? Is eighteen or twenty one really the age when you become one? Growing up is exhilarating and fun. It is scary and painful. It is the most fulfilling experience in life. Who doesn’t dream of being independent and in control of his or her own life? Finally, you decide what … Continue reading