The Family at Home

From childhood we wanted to be independent. We wanted to manage our own lives,  sleep when we wanted, eat when and what we wanted, and do whatever we wanted. We wanted to have our own say and be respected as individuals. But what we didn’t realize was that our identity is entwined with our families. … Continue reading

Chinese / Life

我的朋友 My Friend

什麼是朋友? 你的朋友是那些人無論其麼事他們會協助你. 他們永遠會幫助你, 永遠站在你生旁, 也不會忘記你. 你的朋友永遠愛你. 朋友是個美好的禮物, 讓你從另一個角度看世界, 生命, 未來. 朋友讓你闊大你的學問, 提高你的能力. 你的朋友了解你, 知道你的喜愛, 你的痛苦, 你所經歷過的, 也跟你一起成長. 每個人有朋友, 陪伴你從小到大, 一直在你生中, 永不裡開你, 永不捨棄你. 他們就是你的家人, 你的兄弟姊妹, 你的父母親 — 我的主耶穌. 誰是你的朋友? To forget a friend is sad. Not every one has had a friend. A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart. – … Continue reading


Love on Wall Street

The world is looking for love but it doesn’t always find it. When you see the richest, the people with far more money than you could ever dream of, you realize how empty, how ugly that existence is. Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps gives ample proof. As this and other movies demonstrate, it all … Continue reading

What I'm Reading

The Family Movie

In a recent article entitled “Films in Search of the Faithful,” The New York Times reports on the increase of religious, family-themed movies in America. Author John Anderson also points out that older movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” play on the same conservative values and have remained popular for decades. As the money-making powerhouse … Continue reading