Chinese School Drama

Unlike the scattering of opening events NYU clubs hold each year, each department of ECNU holds a welcoming talent show for its new students. My friends in the public management department invited me to their performance last Wednesday night, which lasted for almost two and a half hours. The Chinese are often criticized for being … Continue reading

NYU Shanghai

Day One

Around the world students are beginning a new chapter of their lives. Some are beginning high school for the first time, others are starting college, and others are spending their first fall in the workforce out of school. Here at ECNU in Shanghai academic life is no different. Orientation week has flown by in a … Continue reading

NYU Shanghai

A School Story

The driver told me we had arrived. So soon? Perhaps I had not prepared myself enough for the moment when I would actually begin this semester of study abroad. After talking about it for months and being in Shanghai for two weeks, studying at NYU in Shanghai through East China Normal University (ECNU) seemed but … Continue reading