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沉默 / Moment of silence

乐器是否退休, 有生有死? Do musical instruments retire? Do they die? Continue reading

学英文: 从西方角度来看《挺住, 意味着一切》
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学英文: 从西方角度来看《挺住, 意味着一切》

我们在国外常常遇到中国的留学生, 批评他们的英文水平, 觉得他们因为语言比美国社会差一点. 我们没有想到语言问题,申请学校,在其他国家其他文化生活有多么值得我们的学习与佩服. 只到我读赵星的新书《挺住, 意味着一切》我才深深地理解中国同学的英文压力. Continue reading

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Your Vote

13 hours ahead of New York City it’s easy to forget that Election Day is here, and that America is choosing its next president today. Especially with the distraction of keeping up with Hurricane Sandy’s effects amidst personal school, work and travel plans, the election is only on the fringes of my consciousness. But the … Continue reading


A Cultural Backbone

The lights have bewitched some in Shanghai. Those who are between the wealthy and the poor flaunt their knowledge about the city’s growing prosperity. They point out the magnificent glass department stores filled with designer brands, describe the new communities possessing utopian names, and compare the optimistic environment with America. It can’t compare, they say. … Continue reading