Monopoly Live

When was the last time a really successful board game came out? It seems that we are all still playing the same board games as our parents were when they were children. Board games have not been revitalized because less people are playing them. Instead, children today are more likely playing video or computer games … Continue reading

What I'm Reading

Reliving Youth

Youth is a stage of life everyone goes through, even the most renowned writers. Surprisingly, their days of longing for freedom differ little from that of today’s young people. In “The Years of Wonder” E.B. White writes how, as a recent college graduate, he takes a journey of self-discovery from New England across America to … Continue reading


Flying Into Your Dreams

The spring semester began this week and although I’m in school I now feel “old.” Gone are the schooldays and schoolyears when we were still young and nearly everything we did was remarkable. We still had an unforseen future ahead of us as we could reasonably dream anything we wanted to.  (Perhaps we still can … Continue reading


Growing Up

When do we become adults? Is eighteen or twenty one really the age when you become one? Growing up is exhilarating and fun. It is scary and painful. It is the most fulfilling experience in life. Who doesn’t dream of being independent and in control of his or her own life? Finally, you decide what … Continue reading



Sometimes you want to be young again. You want to be without a care in the world. And you wish you were back in grade school, or even middle school, when your GPA didn’t matter so much, when you could enjoy learning for the sake of learning, when the future was vague and wonderful. And … Continue reading