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My Hunger Games

Flushing, Queens, has three bookstores and one library. Newport, Jersey City, has none. The difference between the two immigrant communities is that knowledge lies in different places. Asians dominate both places, but the former is more a blue collar population and the latter a financial workers’ district. For the white-collared, knowledge lies in degrees, minds … Continue reading

What I'm Reading

Paper Books

When I wandered into Borders last Saturday evening I realized how long I had been away from books. Pure books. Paper books. I saw old Nietzsche and his Genealogy of Morality, which I had not touched since last semester. As a re-read the preface I discovered how starved I was for deep writing – philosophy. … Continue reading

What I'm Reading


How young should a child begin using technology? How young should a child begin to read? These questions are compounded when e-readers seem to be the new way for children to read. The New York Times reports that increasingly more children and teenagers, including eight-year-olds, are reading with e-readers. On a positive note e-readers are … Continue reading