Chinese Artists Find Intellectual, but not Economic, Freedom in America

By Evelyn Cheng The large canvas painting depicts an impressive, but chipped, ornate marble colonnade singed by fire. Standing as a solemn reminder of the ravages of war, the painting freezes a dismal memory of the Chinese Qing Dynasty’s magnificent palace. But the luminous pigeons scattered about the top of the colonnade bring life. To … Continue reading


Food for Thought

How many people have told me that cooking is an art? I know it is; I’m just surprised that they understand the concept as well, because not everyone does. Some mothers wonder if the hour or more of preparation is worth the twenty-minute or less meal time, for all your hard work seems gone in … Continue reading


Appreciating Art

I’ve been wanting to visit the Met ever since the New York Times ran an article about “Big Bambu,” a rooftop bamboo exhibit at the Met. Besides, I hadn’t been there for at least six years (how time flies!). So I decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art today. Unfortunately, by the time we … Continue reading


Some Free Art

Yesterday we passed in – and out – of the American Folk Art Museum. Fortunately, the museum is free, or else we wouldn’t have thought of going in. The entrance is flanked on the left by the gift shop and by a 9/11 memorial quilt on the right. Beyond these is the museum itself: three … Continue reading