Last year, Time Magazine’s list of “people who most affect our world” included an obscure vegetable seller in Taitung County, Taiwan. 59-year-old Chen Shu-chu ((陳樹菊) does not have the most lucrative job, yet she has donated the equivalent of nearly $320,000 USD to help children. As 黃介文 mentioned on her program today, Chen Shu-chu has published … Continue reading


Taking Hold of Life

If hesitation is our greatest enemy, what should be our plan of action? Last year on 跟著音樂去旅行, host 黃介文 shared ten life principles which are simple yet so full of truth: Don’t wait until you receive love to give it: love is a life habit. Don’t wait until you’re lonely to think of your friends. … Continue reading


Fleeting Time

When are you old? Age is something that grows on you. Like 黃介文‘s mother said, we need to grow old slowly. Yet time is moving too fast. My mind will never again be pleasantly oblivious to the world and its complications. I cannot lose myself in a book, in my thoughts, or in some imaginary … Continue reading


Faith for Tomorrow

The holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, are over. While most students return to school tomorrow, college kids are left to while away another three weeks. We can work, we can study, we can travel, and we can relax. On this break each of us is anxious to get on with life — whatever that means. … Continue reading


I’m Dreaming…

Every one of us has dreams, dreams for our life, and dreams for our family. Recently dreams have been a popular topic, whether it’s the dreams of sleep in Inception or the life aspirations of the millions of students around the world. Dreams are very important to each person because they give your life purpose … Continue reading

Music / Travel

The Essence of a City

New York may be known for its skyscrapers, but what makes other cities great? This past Tuesday 黃介文 interviewed a pop singer/composer who grew up in Taiwan but now lives in mainland China. What, 介文, asked him, has changed about Taiwan since your last visit? Actually, he said, nothing much. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and New York … Continue reading


Songs of Life

If actions speak louder than words, music can speak louder than both. A thrilling melody is enhanced by the lyrics that speak to our hearts. In her radio program 跟著音樂去旅行 (Traveling Along with the Music) host  黃介文 shares uplifting music and insightful thoughts on life. Last Wednesday she discussed the lyrics of Richard Marx’s song “Ready … Continue reading