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Goodbyes – 北京,再见

再见这个污染城市,再见挤死的公交,再见常路过的华堂超市,中央电视台.再见这里的朋友,感谢他们的热心照顾!这一连串的精彩经验我无法一下子都接受.我只能告别,至少留个美好的纪念. 我不要像少年派一样发现他的好伙伴二话不说就消失了. 我不想说再见,但是只有离开才能到下一步.北京,我会想你. Farewell to this polluted city, overcrowded buses and subways, and the CCTV tower I see every day. Goodbye to the many friends I have met over these two months, as well as the many interesting characters I have encountered. Goodbye to jianbing at night, badminton on the weekends, doufunao in the mornings. … Continue reading


Douban comes alive

On Sunday afternoon thirty of us crowded into a stuffy room on the 20th floor of an apartment building to hear author Deng Anqing talk about his latest book, “A Gentle Distance.” Despite 90-degrees weather and a broken air conditioner, the audience of thirty-somethings and younger did not complain. Deng talked about his experiences growing … Continue reading