To measure in lightyears

Stars spiraling through the universe
Glistening through the darkness
Even if gravity would pull it all apart
Still they will shine.

Pull it all apart and put it together again
From the cracks will emerge
Something brighter than gold
And in the void some kind of hope

Collapsing by the side of the road
A hand comes to pick you up
And all is right again.

Water, water we will need
But really we want
The glistening of the stars
Shining bright
When we thought
The sky was only black
At night.

Stars floating down a river
Hold them in your hand
In the instant before they fade.

Purely they will call out
Simply, the voices cry aloud
All sounds mixed into something
No one has heard before
But now
It exists.

We have flown to many places
Seen many things and cried many things
But through and through
You wonder where
Are the stars
And then
They appear before you.

Lying on the beach at night
Have you wondered what the ocean looks like
When there is no light
And no sun
And no moon.
But light was created before the
Sun, moon and stars
So you know
The stars lived before
They were born
And they will live
After you die.

Come and touch the stars
Glistening silver flowing through
Living water, touching you.

Fly around the moon at night
Land on the dark side
Don’t you know
No one has been here before
But the stars have seen and they know
What brightness you haven’t seen before.

Don’t you know
That light is still
But moves at miles per second
Or so they say.
Can’t we just enjoy the light right now
And not think of when or where it will go.
Who cares,
As long as it brightens my sky tonight.

And here where there are many lights
Many startling things
Many glistening things
You realize
The only stars
Are lying in what you thought was darkness.

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