A pause before the sun

As if in consolation for having to wake up one morning at 5 a.m., the apartment buildings along the West Side Highway are dotted with a few lit windows. Somewhere in there is a kindred spirit who knows what the day is like at this hour. That person knows how isolating, yet exhilarating, it feels to be awake before the city is, and the sun itself.

The little prince loved sunsets, but I have fallen in love with sunrises this week. After the rain, the disc of the sun feels seemingly obligated to rise more gloriously each morning. Pink hues in the light blue sky hint that maybe a world like the fantasy land of Japanese anime film “Your Name” can exist in real life.

At this early moment in the day there are no mistakes on the record, no built up stress, and still hours of time in which to work and play. At the beginning, there is always potential.

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