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Who gets the new year first 誰先過新年




但還是"每一年, 最後一刻, 和第一刻, 都不想錯過, 與你."


十三小時候, 在紐約,


眾人又在時代廣場倒數, 十,九, 八...








等待我 請等待我



"明天你好 声音多渺小

却提醒我 勇敢是什么"

Again, Taiwan enters the New Year before New York
Every city has its own New Year’s Eve celebration
The Mayday band isn’t holding a New Year’s Eve concert this year
But they still wish that “every year, the last second, the first second, not to miss the moment with you.”

Thirteen hours later, in New York
The church hosts its annual New Year’s Eve prayer service
People gather in Times Square for the countdown: 10, 9, 8 …

In an instant it’s a new year
In an instant six years have gone by
In an instant, life has passed
Too fast.

“Life has a kind of certainty
Wait for me, please wait for me … “

“Hello, tomorrow, your voice is so small,
Reminding me what courage is.”


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