Introducing E.X.

E.X. had to decide between buying books or dinner today and chose both. While she was waiting to pay, the cashier asked another woman if she could help.

I don’t think so, unless you can help me find my husband, the woman said.

Cashier, help me find a husband! E.X. said.

But the cashier could only talk about how straightforward Hemingway was in A Movable Feast. Great Scott.

A good way to check someone out while browsing the shelves is to watch what the person is looking for.

Excuse me — he said

I don’t work on this floor, the girl said.

E.X. volunteered to help but he decided to find the book the old school way by browsing, something Amazon, Spotify and algorithms took away when they decided to provide helpful but sometimes repetitive books and songs.

How can E.X. break out of her comfort zone when she’s constantly suggested to read or listen to things she might like? How does that help generate new ideas?

Another way to check someone out could be watching the person’s movie selection on a flight.

Tinder parent Match just went public, and it might want to institute a “watch what someone is watching” and “swipe if you approve of his/her taste.”

People’s personalities really come out in how they use their time during a long haul flight.

Those two in front are watching E.X.’s favorites, Whiplash and The Imitation Game. Approved!

Rewatching inspirational parts of the movies — even more approved!

And that guy in a suit with a medium-length blonde cut and snub nose watching the flight screen after Whiplash? Totally romantic.

Better yet, this airline lets you chat with other people through your screens.

Hi, seat 39D! What’s your name?


E.X. is fictional. Any resemblance to real things, people or events is purely the result of coincident occurrences and thoughts.

E.X. is still growing up so we aren’t quite sure what she’s like.


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