The next half – 下半场

Wall Street loves to divide the year into segments in order to measure performance. There’s gains at the end of a day, end of a week, end of a quarter, and at the half-year mark.

On a personal level, it’s also halftime, Ben and Jerry’s reminded me a few weeks ago.

“What! You didn’t realize it’s your ½ birthday?” the email subject line said. “CLICK HERE for your buy one, get one FREE ice cream!”

July 1 tests those New Year’s resolutions to see who still even remembers them six months later. The months from January to July pass quickly as the changing seasons absorb my attention, but thinking back through the 181 days, or 26 weekends, or 4,344 hours, I realize how much time has actually passed.

Which books did I finish? Which movies did I watch? Who did I meet and how did I strengthen existing relationships? How many of those days were wasted? Sleeping for 7 hours a night already took up about 52 of those days.

Only in stepping back and looking at the aggregate do I realize how reality disappoints or surpasses perceptions of progress. I also realize how much farther I am from completing projects that I always put off. “Next week” becomes two months later, then half a year later, and then two years later.

On the flip side, I’ve lived a week in the past three days. Sapping the minutes from every hour shows how, like in Inception, “hours could turn into years down there.”

“Brain function in the dream will be about twenty times to normal. When you enter a dream within that dream, the effect is compounded: it’s three dreams, that’s ten hours times ten…”

Living the dream means that each second counts. Don’t go through life as if you’re living in a coma, a great reporter said. Observe everything.

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16


你 們 要 謹 慎 行 事 , 不 要 像 愚 昧 人 , 當 像 智 慧 人 。 要 愛 惜 光 陰 , 因 為 現 今 的 世 代 邪 惡 。

以弗所書 5:15-16

三天之内感觉活了一周多的时间。因为每一秒好充实,好精彩,好新鲜. 唯一后悔就是以前没有这么珍惜时间. 往来常给自己理由贤澜, 抱怨自己太累, 心情不好. 现在不管浪费了多少时间,因为今天七月一号,开始下半场了。



在这六个月,你看了什么书,看了什么电影, 学了什么功课, 认识了哪些人?更重要是, 如果对那段时间没记录没映像, 就等于浪费掉。一位有名的记者说过,不要像植物人过日子。要多关注其他人,多为自己想要想,这是好坏处。



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