Monday lights

Mist hovers in Times Square tonight and dampens the crowd. A few handfuls of people mill around Taste of Times Square and hold styrofoam plates of ribs, while the surrounding area is easily passable for once. Theaters on the sidestreets enjoy their day of rest.

To walk through the center of the city in business dress differentiates one from tourists. Hawkers know enough to stay away. The suit proclaims “I work here,” “I live here,” and “I’ve made it here.”

“Goodbye, see you tomorrow,” say cheery voices exiting the Hearst Building a few blocks north. Monday evening invites rest.

Serene is this night, a time for catching up on all the weekend wedding pictures, discovering a lost decade in some old ’90s band, and reflecting on all that is past, and all to come this week.

Softly the rain falls. Monday in the mist.


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