Jump high

U.S. Navy Photo

Poor humans bound by gravity can only jump a few feet before coming back down. Other humans wanted to break those laws, and invented airplanes and helicopters. Others built skyscrapers. Others built space shuttles. In all these, humans did the impossible.

Possibility is only what you can imagine, not what you can actually do. Ask your friends and family, and they probably see far more potential in you than you, who always underestimate your abilities, imagine.

Journalism is a field that pushes humans to do the impossible. When your editor wants something you can’t say no. You can’t say ‘that’s not possible.’ Instead, you go out and try, make phone calls, search everywhere, pull all the strings, and then some. Amazingly, whether you’re Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, or you’re just starting out, once you start making phone calls and knocking on doors, the answers come back. And each time you try to achieve the impossible, you realize that everything is achievable.

There are such things as irrational dreams, foolish ideals that we run after. All that’s needed is wise determination. Eventually someone will unearth the golden nugget. For by imagining, by running, by working towards something, what was nothing turns into reality.

The unjaded youth has a passion for the unreal and that faith can make life beautiful.

At some point in life, everyone must feel the urge to fly, to immerse oneself in books or dreams, race cars or games. At some point I think we all want to disappear, into some world that is comfortable, exciting and aloof.

The greatest hindrance is fear, fear of losing contact, fear of losing friends, fear of losing a community, fear of losing status, fear of losing personal values. Humans are afraid of consequences, and sometimes prefer to keep to the same way of life, with the routine and sameness every single day, because the results seem predictable True, everything requires diligence in order to succeed. Combine that with a bit of change, and wonders will abound.

I always wanted to be a pilot, maybe I’ll finally get there one day. I can build model airplanes, I can fly in my dreams, I can fly in the words I create.

Life is filled with many risks, and the questions about what’s right and wrong pile up by the minute. The urges, the sensations to do one thing one moment and another thing the next are overwhelming. A few aspects remain the same, but change is always imminent.

Outside the window I look far far away from the 28th floor, into a barren New Jersey and out into the west. The land below is not what matters. It’s the sky that changes from fog to sunrise, from sunset to black space–to stars. It’s the openness of the horizon, the possibilities beyond the skyscrapers and conventions. I look up to the hills, from where my help comes.

Those are the possibilities that God has in store. For the Christian, God never sets limits. Although I always try to rationalize and sort things out, God always wants me to go beyond what I can imagine. More importantly, He gives the power to do so, for with God nothing is impossible, and the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

Every morning I see the sun shining on the Palisades as I take the shuttle up the west side highway. The view is so beautiful, especially when the newborn sun glints off the snow-covered rocks, and the Hudson River is frozen, with patches of broken ice and some spots of water, all glimmering in different shades as the van progresses along the side.

Today is another day. Tomorrow brings another week. Every minute is another moment. When you could. change. your. life.

Look beyond. Look up. Look farther than you thought you could.

If you never dare to jump, you will never see the sky.


2 thoughts on “Jump high

  1. Powerful words, Evelyn! Thanks always for sharing your thoughts n’ convictions. I still remember that conversation we had at the end of senior year in that café on avenue A. Shook my world.

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