My iWish


A watch makes a comforting tick-tick sound when held to the ear. The slim band is more of a high-class bracelet until the digitized mind remembers that the watch tells time. The numbered face does so silently, for the tick-tick is very quiet, leading to changes in a 12-hour cycle that move the world along.

Apple is poised to present its iWatch or whatever its wearable will be called today. Having watched the Jobs movie last night, I want a revival of that energy, the vision of creating something that doesn’t just fulfill a human need but shows what can elevate interaction with the world and each other. Analysts are excited, expectant, and awaiting changes to the ecosystem, to use that jargon. Businessmen are on edge, and the world is looking–from those camped outside the Apple store to livestream viewers–for something revolutionary. If anything, the Jobs movie emphasizes the importance of long-term visions, rather than little changes that boost share prices.

Maybe today will just be another update, sub the hype media has created. But hope of new devices and systems is there, because that is what many believe the brand has promised.

“Wish we could say more,” Apple wrote in its event invite a few weeks ago. Today the company will speak and it may unveil, for all consumers, the fullfilment of their iWish.


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