People above, people below

Look up on a pleasant summer day in Manhattan and you will see tiny figures enjoying the breeze from a balcony. Go up on a rooftop yourself and look down; you will see small figures moving about below. We’re all little, whether we look up or down.

Around 8pm on Sunday evening a roar went up as Portugal scored its last goal in the World Cup game against the USA. The simultaneous cry of hundreds of bars rose like a wave that matched the shades of the sky as it gradated from red at the horizon to dull blue higher up. Freedom Tower and other downtown skyscrapers filled this backdrop in which I saw no person, but the sounds of people rose up in that cry of triumph.

Later, sirens sent red sounds through that same air, and a lone firecracker burst far in the distance. Then, slowly, the lights turned off and the people went inside.

Today at dusk, those on the balconies above looked down at tiny people, and we below looked up at the small figures, all enjoying a New York moment.


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