Done: 0 days to Commencement


After all the fanfare is over, I wonder why all of it was necessary. From a practical perspective, why must graduates rent and wear robes, listen to speeches, and sift through mobs of people to find friends and family? The early morning ceremonies waste energy and resources, some might say.

But many others who keep the traditions of graduation alive know why every spring graduates still trek out in gowns and faculty don decorated robes. Hard work deserves celebration and recognition.

If I left these four grueling years at NYU without a single celebration, I would have felt a little let down, because all my work would have gone unacknowledged. Also, as all my classmates head on to the next stages of their lives, we need a moment of closure and goodbye as we mark this milestone in our lives. Graduation is also a time to thank professors, parents and friends for all their support in these challenging years.

The ceremonies may take time; the parties might seem redundant. But they provide the closure our minds need to embrace the future with greater energy. For we have not ended an education but are only just about to start learning. Congratulations, class of 2014.


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