Last day of class: 8 days to Commencement

For those who left school one year, ten years, or decades ago, the last day of class isn’t that significant. For those who have been part of an academic institution for all of their conscious lives, the last day of class — forever — could be a moment for reflection. But in reality, the last day of class falls in the middle of finals and graduation plans, all overshadowed these few days by the sweet summer air. As happens every year, especially to overworked brains, a few deep breaths of the fresh air can be almost intoxicating. As the wind blows through the window beside me, I see Facebook images and posts from those first days of college classes. I cannot believe all that has happened.


I made the statement years ago which is often quoted that 80 percent of life is showing up.  People used to always say to me that they wanted to write a play, they wanted to write a movie, they wanted to write a novel, and the couple of people that did it were 80 percent of the way to having something happen.  All the other people struck out without ever getting that pack.  They couldn’t do it, that’s why they don’t accomplish a thing, they don’t do the thing, so once you do it, if you actually write your film script, or write your novel, you are more than half way towards something good happening.  So that I was say my biggest life lesson that has worked.  All others have failed me. – Woody Allen



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