Renewal: 31 days to Commencement

Joshua 1_9

Perhaps I’m doing too much, because I can’t find a single thing in my momentous days to focus on for this post. Too many joyous moments, too many issues in the news and too many projects to finish soon become overwhelming with little sense of closure on a day. That is a problem.

Why must human beings push themselves to do more than is physically possible? In the 21st century, the curse of work that Adam received after the Fall is not labor itself but busyness. When we can receive five messages on five different portals at once, that is overkill. When a five-minute conversation at church is the only time with my family all week, something is out of balance.

Busyness is expected for students and nearly all involved in the human race. At almost every level, everyone is working harder to do more, be more and stand out. In the end, we are certainly more accomplished and more knowledgeable for the many more experiences we have packed into our short lives. Besides, there’s always the haunting idea that someone else is working harder and doing more.

In the midst of all this, take a step back to remember priorities of loving others and yourself. Pause, and listen.

Because I know
He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because he lives
– Bill Gaither, “Because He Lives “


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