Fitting in: 51 days to Commencement


He also lacked the Wall Street trader’s ability to seem more important and knowledgeable than he actually was. Yet from the time he first glimpsed a Wall Street trading floor, in his early 20s, Ryan badly wanted to work there. “It’s hard not to get enamored of being one of these Wall Street guys who people are scared of and make all this money,” he says.

-Michael Lewis in an excerpt from his book Flash Boys published in The New York Times

I woke up this morning to a long article about IEX and high frequency trading, which was a fascinating look into the IT side of Wall Street. The quote above highlights the idea that we don’t necessarily have to look the part from the outset. But if we have a passion that’s strong enough, we’ll learn how to get where we want to be.

Not everyone is born to be who he or she becomes. It’s what each person works at that determines that life. Coming from an unconventional background, we can use abnormal ways to approach situations and may be better off for thinking outside the box. Whether this tactic is simply naive or foolish, only experience will show.


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