Records: 54 days to Commencement


Oversharing on social media is generally derided as narcissistic. We don’t want our news feeds overflowing with everyone else’s good times (or complaints). I’ve also tried limiting posts: not every meal needs to be documented, not every thought needs a public audience. But on some platforms, where my friends’ list is smaller and I know my statuses easily get lost in news feeds, I have the freedom to post whatever I feel.

One user on that site once criticized girls especially for being too emotional online; I know whatever is going on in her mind, the status said. I tried limiting posts after that as I didn’t want to seem insecure, but that only lasted as long as I wasn’t interested in expressing anything. The next time something happened, I posted. I don’t regret it. Looking back over statuses from nearly two years ago, I still feel the genuine joy or frustration I had when I posted them. More touching are the hopes and ambitions I had, and how many have been realized less than two years later.

A social network is for the benefit of your community, to enlighten and encourage, but find a journal or an obscure Internet realm to record spur-of-the-moment ideas. One day those fantasies will come true.


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