The visionary: 59 days to Commencement

I know I’ve missed a day, but that was a long Saturday of relaxation and frustration. 

At a pop-up shop in the Lower East Side a friend and I flipped through a coffee table book called “The Realist’s Handbook,” or something like that. Each of the quotes printed, one to a sheet of paper, stated depressing facts. But one stood out particularly because it despised dreaming. We need to have visions and goals, the quote said, not the warm feelings that dreamy thoughts often are. So many motivational articles, books and talks float through the Internet, but all of that inspiration is useless if I don’t have a plan.

Yesterday Mayday performed at Madison Square Garden, the first Chinese band to do so. Their 15-year journey from bar performances in Taiwan to a world venue during prime time shows their determination. There is a difference between dreaming and having a vision. Do you know what you want and how to get there? Mayday certainly does.

Here’s a video of them speaking at the end of yesterday night’s concert:


Youth has passion for the unreal and that faith can make things beautiful.

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