Pace yourself: 62 days to Commencement

boy art

When I’m swimming fifty laps I think to myself: just two more, to the wall and back, before I get closer to my goal. Some mornings I fight the wind on my way up Third Avenue, and it feels just like when I’m swimming those last two laps. At night, when all that I’ve done and not done lays itself before me, I find myself facing a wave with little energy left to attack it. All I can do is dive in.

Did the Founding Fathers, did Abraham Lincoln, did Confucius endure days when they were so tired but had to keep working? Is lack of sleep something that only modern society struggles with? I don’t think so. Like Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying, we have always fought to sleep early, wake up early and live healthy lives. 

One blogger in China found that no matter how early she trekked out to the gym on a Saturday morning, someone else was always there before her. So she wrote: “When you are dreaming there are always people working hard.”


Then I had a particular feeling: you think you’ve worked really hard, but there are always people who work harder than you; you thought that you were already very tough on yourself, but there are always people who are even more ruthless in pushing themselves. If you think about this amazing world, there are always people working hard while you sleep. When you read the biographies of famous people, you secretly resolve to begin anew the next morning, but waking up early is always hard, and when you get off work all you want to do is sit on the sofa and not get up. This world will always have naturally gifted and energetic people, but your hard work will never be enough, (even this phrase seems to come from another famous author, meiya, oh well~)

– Zhaoxing 赵星 aka 一直特立独行的猫


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