Today: 64 days to Commencement

I’d meant to write on a tidy number, like 100 days to Commencement. But today I realized that time is running out. I’m going to document my thoughts for each day, no matter how random, and try to record what passes each day. Here goes for a thoughtful image and a few words, because if “writing is thinking,” then blogging everyday is hard but necessary. But I’m only going to release a few paragraphs, because thoughts are precious commodities.

Since high school, movie watching seems to be on an exponential growth curve in films per year. I used to watch three a year; now sometimes it’s three a week. With Lost in Translation and Son of God to kick of spring break, they’ve both thrown me back to situations and places I haven’t thought much of recently. I’d always thought of trips to Asia as comforting as I found amenities and clothes just my size, as well as mainstream sale of food I’d thought only my family and relatives ate. But watching two Westerners in Lost in Translation struggle with different customs in Japan helped me understand how they formed that special friendship there and why expats bond together overseas. I realize and crave the dreaminess of life an ocean away from everything familiar, hence the header image from the Studio Ghibli TV special Ocean Waves.

The intensity of Son of God didn’t make it the most relaxing way to end a long week when I watched it last Friday night. A movie isn’t fun when you know the entire plot, as well as how each sentence (a biblical quote) ends. But Son of God isn’t meant to be a thriller. In a slightly modern twist to the story, which emphasizes the role of women and different ethnicities more than previous versions, the film tells more than the story of Jesus’ suffering on the cross. Behind the crucifixion was a complex political drama in which religious leaders were too intent on maintaining the status quo, and their power. As the temple leaders prayed for God’s help while they captured God’s son, clearly all humans can get trapped in rules and lose sight of the point.

Here’s to remembering God’s blessings, dreaming, and being inspired to press on.

I, if I have a dream, I may make mistakes,
but only if you’ve made mistakes can you have understanding, understanding of what persistence really is

I, if I have a dream, the dream might be crazy,
but only if it’s crazy can I become a hero and one day have a legend of my own

I’m not good, nor am I bad, I’m not particularly outstanding, I just dare to be different
My life is just one mistake after another, after finishing one mistake, starting over

Perhaps giving up a little might make living more relaxing, but then I wouldn’t be me
I’m not willing to spend my life relaxing in the sun and wind, even a salted fish should have a dream

我 如果有夢 有沒有錯 錯過才會更加明白 明白堅持是什麼?
我 如果有夢 夢要夠瘋 夠瘋才能變成英雄 總會有一篇 我的傳說

我不好也不壞 不特別出眾 我只是敢不同
我的人生就是 一錯再錯 錯完了再從頭

也許放棄掉一些 活得更輕鬆 我卻不再是我
我不願一生 曬太陽吹風 鹹魚也要有夢

– “Salted Fish” 鹹魚 (Lyrics by Ashin, translation by Merry at OneDayinMay)


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