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Goodbyes – 北京,再见

再见这个污染城市,再见挤死的公交,再见常路过的华堂超市,中央电视台.再见这里的朋友,感谢他们的热心照顾!这一连串的精彩经验我无法一下子都接受.我只能告别,至少留个美好的纪念. 我不要像少年派一样发现他的好伙伴二话不说就消失了. 我不想说再见,但是只有离开才能到下一步.北京,我会想你.

Farewell to this polluted city, overcrowded buses and subways, and the CCTV tower I see every day. Goodbye to the many friends I have met over these two months, as well as the many interesting characters I have encountered. Goodbye to jianbing at night, badminton on the weekends, doufunao in the mornings. Goodbye to new sights and wonders every day.

Every day, every week has been packed with experiences too many to process at once. Joy and sadness were wrapped together so tightly that I my body didn’t know how to react. So I still live without really comprehending that in a day I will be back in another city, in another life.

This week has been full of last meetings, but I wonder whether it’s better to leave goodbyes unsaid. We always seem to meet again, somewhere, somehow, and stay connected online, but perhaps it’s the assuredness of seeing them again that determines how strong our goodbyes are.

Goodbyes to family and friends back home aren’t so depressing because I know I will always return to them. But friends you make abroad are the most surprising. We treasure the good times we had living and working together, and somehow we eventually come around to the same cities.

But those good times are irreplaceable, because as time moves on we all change and our situations change. I will never live again in their house as a rising college senior, and there is also the novelty of the first time. Those memories are what I bid farewell to.

I don’t want to be like Pi who lost his tiger friend without any last words, without any looking back.

I don’t want to say goodbye, but only with closure can I move forward.

Beijing, I will miss you.




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