The Electric World

The eight-floor electronics mega store Yodobashi Camera took entertainment to a higher level with its 3D screens. Costing upwards of $1,700 USD, these flat-panel screens combined with 3D glasses provide a viewing experience that surpasses the movie theater. Concert performers seem to rise out from the screen.

In the early afternoon the group was treated to a tour of MBS studios. Officially Mainichi Broadcasting System, the company produces several channels of programming ranging from news to drama to anime.

Inflated cartoon characters welcome visitors at the entrance to MBS studios.

Several high-ranking staff and newspaper reporters graciously gave us a tour of their newsroom. In Japan journalists do not usually attend a school specifically for journalism. Rather, they are hired by the media company and then designated to the news, sales, or other desk. However, press ethics similar to that of America are still handed down to young journalists by the older reporters.

This paper map shows the regions of Japan affected by the earthquake last year. Although in a country considered to be at the forefront of technology MBS is just now undergoing a transition from film tapes to digital blu-ray discs. But a new annex is being  built next door.

MBS’ evening news studio was sleek and grand, just as all the department stores in Japan are. The lights could be adjusted for color and intensity.

For dinner we picked out a sushi place near the hotel. Delicately cut and placed on a long leaf, sushi in Japan cannot compare with that of the United States. The rice and fish are properly soft and slightly chewy. American sushi is often dry and nearly frozen. As the Japanese favor the process more than the finished product, a box of sushi from Walgreens is far less appealing than a freshly cut piece of salmon.


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