Elevator City

Elevators can be convivial, or awkward places. While the elevators in one of NYU’s administrative buildings undergo renovation, each ride on the freight elevators is eventful.

The worst is hearing that the elevator car you have waited so long for is heading in the opposite direction. Passengers complain during the long wait for the two  elevators, and continue criticizing the project during the slow ride down. As the elevator stops at random floors along its 10 stories to pick up passengers, the conversation grows increasingly fretful, particularly at 5pm when everyone is anxious to leave. Employees discuss the fastest combination of elevators and stairs to reach the ground floor, then lament the administration’s closure of the stairway — just when the elevator service is cut. Twenty minute breaks are apparently not feasible anymore as they say it takes ten minutes just to get down to the street and another ten minutes to go up. Basically you just spend your break in the elevator, one woman said.

For 10 weeks, or just about the rest of summer, the elevators at 726 Broadway will be merry places.



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