What I'm Reading

On Reading Books

Why do we read?

A quietness of the mind, a peaceful solitude, and the stillness of the intense concentration wash over us as we begin to read.

Reading. It’s an art, it’s a pleasure, it’s a paradise.

Through reading we can discover new worlds, relive old ones, and relax in present times. We can exercise the mind, mull over deep ideas, consider great acts, and relax in mental ecstasy.

A book is a friend, who guides us through life’s happiest and saddest moments. The characters, the author, the pages are always there to support us and refresh the mind.

Reading captures wandering thoughts and binds them into ideas. Reading eases the soul, or stirs us to great deeds. Reading, with words written decades, centuries, or even a millenia ago, speaks timeless truth.

So few are the people who understand, but how great is the joy of those who can relish

A book.

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