A Real Life

Living alone in a collegiate world I’d forgotten the joys of purely human interaction. I’d forgotten how to play. For before this retreat, every moment could be spent on the computer, reading, listening, watching. I communicated with many, and I thought our facebook posts and our gchats represented some connection. But how weak, I realize now.

The internet offers so much to see and do, yet nothing satisfies. Two-and-a-half weekdays without the internet and the computer have showed me that my dissatisfaction with normal life can only be filled with purely human interaction. I need to eat, talk, laugh, and play with real, live people with no thought of technology. Perhaps we can text, but I wish I could forget about this computer and the responsibilities it brings. I want to live where people are fully human and not half-lost in some virtual world. I want to immerse myself in a book, in a game of chess, in some deep conversation, or even some light talk, because that is being human. I don’t want to be forever isolated from others. I don’t want to live in a world where our days are flattened, embellished, and extant only on facebook. And not just facebook but the entire virtuality of the internet, where good times cannot truly occur.

I want to live a real life in the real world.


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