The leaves are crisp and brightly colored on this perfect Thanksgiving Day. But the beautiful weather is just an aside to the greater joys of the season.

Thanksgiving is a time to pause in the midst of a stressful semester and reflect on the past eleven months. In this short space of time my life has been changed forever.

I’m thankful for the incomprehensible goodness of so many people.

Pastors don’t have anyone to go to when they need help. When we are down and sad, we can always ask the pastor for encouragement. But he, and his wife, only have God. And sometimes humans still need each other.

But when my pastor shared his loneliness last Sunday, he wasn’t sad. Rather, he said that seeing each person come to church and be saved, their lives transformed by God, and finding a home in the church is worth the suffering.

What a testimony.

I still don’t understand why people like Pastor Xiao can be so good. Why Mrs. Xiao can comfort people on the phone while she herself has a headache. Why people actually care about me.

Who am I, anyway?


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