Social Issues

Appreciating America

No matter how many problems America may have with its economy, finances, or society, its fundamental values of liberty, justice, and equality for all people still make this country a unique cultural haven in the world. New York City in particular has been a melting pot, or, as some prefer to put it, a mosaic, of more than 100 ethnicities from around the world. A ride on the bus or the subway is a beautiful picture of how young and old, businesspeople and laborers, rich and poor can coexist side-by-side. Although we do not always enjoy being squeezed into a subway car or bus with so many different people, the fact that anyone can sit or stand wherever one fancies shows how far society has come from the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

More beautiful still is hearing immigrants from other countries, many of whom speak minimal English, praying wholeheartedly for America, the country in which they now live. They pray for the government leaders, the president, the economy, and the society.

But these immigrants note that more and more immigrants are coming to America who do not care about this country. They enjoy the benefits this country provides without offering anything in return.

When compared with other countries, America does offer greater opportunities for the success of people of all backgrounds.

For those of us who have lived in America all our lives,  how much more should we show appreciation to our country, despite its many faults.


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