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A Travel Dream Fulfilled

While looking through eslite’s (成品) website, I found a new book just published last Friday entitled: 從北京道台彎,那麼近,那麼遠 (From Beijing to Taiwan, So Close, So Far). The author, 趙星 (Zhao Xing), had a dream of visiting Taiwan when she was 17 years old. Now, at the age of 24 she has fulfilled that dream with an eleven-day trip to Taiwan last year.

From the table of contents her itinerary appears to have included Taiwan’s top destinations: Taipei 101, the Place Museum, Shihlin Night Market, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, and Kenting National Park. I hope to read it for myself one day as the book combines my love for Taiwan’s culture with my  dream of reporting in a foreign country.

If 趙星’s dream came true, why shouldn’t ours?

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