Singing in One Voice

Today we value diversity, variation, and tolerance of people with different beliefs. But we sometimes miss the benefits of a common heritage as masses of people can feel and express the same sentiment without much thought.

Society speaks of generation gaps, cultural differences, and class disparities. Colleges and the job market select those who are unique and distinct from the others. We are told to carve niches and become experts in a specific area.

But when we realize the commonalities that bind us together as members of one family, of one school, of one community, of one state, of one nation, and of one humanity, we understand the beauty of human fellowship. For despite all our differences we can still come together and enjoy the same world of experiences.

A video of a concert by the Japanese band Mr. Children illustrates this homogenity. As the band plays the introduction, the crowd respond in spontaneous, unified singing. The thrill of thousands singing one song in one voice plays out on the soloist’s face as he beams in pure delight.

Listen to it yourself. The dynamic of so many having listened so much to a song to have memorized it and impulsively sing it out together demonstrates that something unexplainable — some kind of camaraderie — binds us together despite our differences.

You look out over a crowd

it’s the people

a mass



singing your tune

there’s something about this spirit

of people all united together with one heart, one soul, one mind

Perhaps it’s a picture of what worshipping God in heaven will be like.

We’re singing in one voice.

One Voice.

One Voice.

One Voice.


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