A World Destabilized

The world is being shaken. We used to live isolated in our own neighborhoods, states, and countries. World news did not affect us. But the earthquake in Japan, the revolution in Egypt, and the publication of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother stir our hearts. In restaurants, buses, stores, and subways, Americans are discussing these issues.

As Japan battles against nuclear plants and cleans up after the earthquake and tsunami, we realize that the Japanese culture we experience through anime, restaurants, and household products will not forever exist in an idyllic land of the rising sun. We, the student, the English teacher, and the businessman on the bus, understand with shock that we may not be able to enjoy Japan’s rich culture as it once was. But we hope that Japan will pull itself together.

We follow the revolution in Egypt, we watch Richard Engel revel with the people, and we look on as Egypt, a land of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics, becomes a contemporary nation. Now when we see those ancient artifacts, we see the people, born out of that heritage, fighting for their rights.

Amy Chua hits at ourselves, our families, and our ideals. As the world grows more competitive we fear that America will (as it is already), lose its international prestige. We wonder if Chua’s stringent parenting methods may be the right choice.

In a destabilizing world, success is harder and harder to obtain; how far will we push ourselves?


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