Shaking Japan

Japan’s traumatic 8.9-magnitude earthquake has shaken the stable lives of millions. Burning nuclear plants, piles of floating cars, and submerged houses surrounded by debris shatter our impressions of an orderly Japan. Even life in Tokyo, the center of Japanese culture, was disrupted by the earthquake as corporate employees hid from falling computer monitors and collapsing ceilings. Crowds of well-dressed civilians waited apprehensively in streets and parks for news to arrive. Japan’s distinguished transit system has also stopped running. Sleek bullet trains stand idly in the stations.

But as a testament to Japan’s ordered society, the nation’s tsunami and earthquake precautions and efficient alarm system may have saved many more lives than the currently estimated 1,000. Still, whether a million lives or one life is lost, each person is important and in need of salvation. May God use this earthquake to open the hearts of the Japanese to Christ.


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