To Learn

Midterms are finally over, and I apologize for the long hiatus in posts.

As the semester hurtles along, throwing myriads of assignments and deadlines at us, we may wonder why we put ourselves through it all. We ask ourselves: What is the purpose of college? What are we supposed to get out of it? We’re certainly here to mature in life, to grow through four years and become adults in the workforce. But how much is your GPA really worth? How much sleep should you lose to get that 4.0? And when you don’t get it, does it really reflect how smart you are?

College is about learning, classes are about learning – learning not just about one subject but about life and the greater world that exists beyond the classroom walls and the limits of the city.

We are taught to ask questions, and we ask ourselves if we are really who everyone says we are. We know that we have inner talent, some strong point. But somehow what we imagine ourselves as doesn’t match what we understand ourselves to really be, despite what others say. And sometimes we know that their criticism really means that you have failed to live up to that standard. And so we wonder if we are intelligent enough, if we can really make it after college. Yes, we know that college – education – should be about learning and not just about having a high GPA, but it is still something to show for ourselves. Besides, isn’t mastery of a subject demonstrated by good grades?

Not always. If a class has pushed our knowledge and our cognitive ability one step higher than it was before, we will have learned something, although we may not have reached level of A students.

Problems only exist when we don’t learn anything.

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