The Perils of Writing

In the rush of instant messaging, tweets, facebook statuses, and blogging, we seldom give writing the time it deserves. I realize this myself as I watch the quality of my writing seemingly deteriorate as I churn out articles and responses for graders concerned mostly with ideas and little about presentation. We cannot afford the luxury of writing, rewriting, tearing it up and starting again, and rewriting some more. Instead, the modern world demands instant results and collections of words that blurt out an account of some thought or event.

Despite the effort, fine writing is far more effective in communicating thoughts and ideas. Yet we will not take the time to perfect our jumbled presentation of our idea, because the world places more weight on the idea. An abstruse book is lauded for its “interesting idea” although the writing is so convoluted that the idea is completely lost on me — or am I just a bad reader?

I would spend more time refining my blog posts and my essays, but always another article or write-up demands my attention, and the writing always seems mediocre to me.

Yet perhaps we must accept the fact that writing will never be perfect. As is the case for most things, writing can be refined, but to a point. After that you’ll just have to let it go.


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