Distance has disappeared and lost much of its fascination for us. Aside from the time and money it may take to travel, we think little of flying back and forth between states and countries. An hour and a half commute to the city is the norm.

No longer do we work and sleep in the same place but we commute to work and school for hours at a time. Traveling overseas, whether for business or pleasure, occurs on a daily basis. Now we can get on the airplane and sleep for ten hours and awake in another country. I can get on the train in the city, sleep for an hour, and wake up in Queens.

But the strange thing is that when I am in the city or in Queens I imagine the other to be a completely different world. When I am in the city Queens seems to be outside and foreign; when I am in Queens the city seems distant and enclosed by a wall of skyscrapers. Yet a brief ride on the bus or subway can take me from one to the other.

Perhaps the world is getting smaller.


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