Monopoly Live

When was the last time a really successful board game came out? It seems that we are all still playing the same board games as our parents were when they were children.

Board games have not been revitalized because less people are playing them. Instead, children today are more likely playing video or computer games than playing board games. To meet this change in tastes toy companies are attempting to digitize classic games and even shorten game rounds to keep up with the ever-decreasing attention span of modern children.

This week Hasbro demonstrated its newest version of Monopoly, called Monopoly Live, which runs off of an electronic banker in the center of the board. Although the New York Times reports that this computerized version still retains the classic setup of the Monopoly we grew up with, the electronic banker will require stricter adherence to the rules (no more underhand property trading or rent pardons!).

However, very few games seem to benefit from digitization because the technology just makes them more complicated to play. Besides, half the fun is bending the rules to fit the players. And anyway, an electronic Monopoly rules out Monopoly games during a blackout unless you’d rather use your flashlight batteries for an automated toy.


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