Life Achievements

If American high schoolers thought competing against thousands of students in their own country to get into college was challenging enough, they are now up against an even greater application pool.

The New York Times writes how students in China are increasingly seeking the opportunity to attend college in America. Some have even designed colorful brochures about themselves to improve their chances of being accepted. When students in America see what their counterparts have accomplished in China, their records may seem less stellar.

We attempt to take every opportunity to boost our list of achievements. But do we do it just for a good name? Do we volunteer because it looks good on a college application or resume? Do we staff a political conference because we really are interested in politics? Do we sincerely care about those we are helping as volunteers, or are we doing it just for “the experience”? Are we seeking to make a difference in the world through politics, or are we just trying to move ourselves up the social ladder?

And after we have done it all and have the “perfect” record, are we really satisfied with who and what we have become?

Life should not be an endless cycle of trying to become the best person in the world. Don’t stretch yourself and attempt to be someone else. Enjoy life, and be who God has made you to be.


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